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Summer Lessons 2022

Call or text 718-606-8935

Full Summer Plan

6 full hour per week Lessons including Ensemble workshop, Guitar club, and Live End of Summer recital and more... new and returning students welcome!

Individual Lessons Available 

Recommended for advanced or adult students.  These lessons are generally 60-90 mins in length and are tailored for those experienced players who have specific goals or playing interests.  Contact for information and availability. 

Summer offers an extraordinary opportunity for students and parents to arrange live or online lessons that isn’t always available during the school year. However, Summer is a time when students often put their studies aside and lose the opportunity to develop their skills and passion for music even though it is easier then ever before to keep our work going. Now that online learning is readily available to even the remotest places, students are able to continue their studies and progress. Over the past 2 years during the pandemic, I have seen that summer studies have a profound impact on the progress of students. Those who continued over the summer months maintained a higher-level of progress in all aspects of their playing. These included improvement in their music reading, practice routines, technical proficiency as well as overall focus, cooperation, and interest in their playing. Some students are not even aware that such progress has occurred, but I see my students learning faster, showing signs of dedication, meeting responsibilities, and accomplishing complex tasks that are all the true benefit of music education. When students take the entire summer off there is always a need to review an extensive amount of material and quite often students get frustrated and discouraged by having to take a step back. There is even a real chance that they won’t return which unfortunately has meant the end of studies for many young people who showed so much promise and initial interest in the instrument. Join me this summer and let’s keep the great work going. Let’s keep together the regiment and structure of the lesson format that has proven to be productive and these young people who have proven to be a very special group!

Benefits of Summer Lessons

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